Never mind, said Holmes, laughing; it is my business to know things. Perhaps I have trained myself to see what others overlook. If not, why should you come to consult me?

Sherlock Holmes, in A Case of Identity from Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  • About Me
    • I'm Dr. A.G. Affleck, Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon .

      I am a general Dermatologist with subspecialist interests in the management of skin cancer including Mohs' surgery, cutaneous reconstruction, dermoscopy and male genital skin disease. I believe in holistic care and the importance of psychological and emotional factors associated with dermatology.

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  • I was born in Kirkcaldy, raised in Dundee and studied medicine at Glasgow University, qualifying in 1997. I did my general medical training in the West of Scotland, 1997-2001 then went into dermatology training in Inverclyde, Glasgow and Nottingham, 2001-2006. I then did a 1 year Fellowship in Skin cancer surgery including Mohs at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

      • NHS Consultant 2008 - present
      • Private Consultant 2013 - present

  • Book chapters

    Robinson J. Surgery of the Skin, 2nd and 3rd edition, chapter co-author, Skin biopsy techniques

    Practical Psychodermatology, chapter co-author, Psychological factors in skin cancer

    Acne; etiology, treatment options and social effects Mohamed L. Elsaie, editor. Nova Science Publishers Inc 2013. Chapter VI co-author, Psycosocial and Emotional Aspects of Acne: The need for a psychosomatic approach to Management

    Peer-reviewed manuscripts

    Since my first publication in Dermatology in 2004, I have published more than 40 papers on arrange of topics including -

    Skin cancer, Dermoscopy, Male genital skin disease, Acne, Psoriasis, Contact Allergic Dermatitis, Body Image Concern, Medically unexplained skin changes, Hidradenitis Suppuritiva

    I have also been part of a working party producing national guidelines for - The management of primary cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SIGN 140), Provision of Psychodermatology Services in the UK

    • Ambitions

      To continue learning and developing new skills

      To be a great teacher and lecturer

      To achieve a balance between work and family

    • Values

      To treat my patients and colleagues as they would like to be treated

    • Strengths

      Attention to detail


      Holistic approach

      Pragmatic when needed

Sherlock Holmes?

I am privileged and proud to be a Dermatologist. It is a rewarding job. There are many challenges and at times there are similarities to the work of Sherlock Holmes whose attributes included:

  • Maintaining a systematic method.
  • Listening carefully to take a detailed history of events.
  • Objective examination of the scene and what it can reveal.
  • Accessing databases when needed.
  • Having a personal empathic attitude,

Many quotes from Sherlock Holmes are relevant to the practise of medicine (perhaps especially Dermatology although I am biased). Even though he is a fictional character, I would confess that I regard him as an influential mentor and that is why I chose the name and the logo for my web-site


Dermatology is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The nature of the problem varies widely and can be classified in different ways:

Common physical symptoms include itch, pain, tenderness and irritation. Rarely is a skin disorder life-threatening but a large life-affecting daily impact is not uncommon.

  • Acute Vs. Chronic
  • Localised Vs. Generalised
  • Congenital Vs. Acquired
  • Internal Vs. External
  • Cosmetic Vs. Aesthetic
  • Inflammatory Vs. Neoplastic
  • Cause known Vs. Cause unknown
  • Curable Vs. Incurable
  • Malignant Vs. Benign
  • High Vs. Low psychological impact

My Method

Having been in dermatology since 2001 I have gained considerable experience and so I am well placed to advise and help with any skin disorder or skin lesion. I will be honest and open and strive to achieve the best outcomes possible. I schedule 30 minute slots for new patients and 15 minutes appointments for follow-ups. I produce a written summary of every consultation and send this to the client and the GP aiming to turn this around within 3 days.

To get a thorough history takes time. Details such as occupation, hobbies, medicines taken (including over-the-counter preparations) should not be overlooked. A dermatologist should also pay attention to the psyche; body image concern, feelings of embarrassment, low mood and social anxiety are common. Dermatologists become skilful in the art of pattern recognition; often a skin disorder can be diagnosed by the clinical features apparent on visual inspection and palpation and so no further tests are needed.

Patient Resources

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is on the rise. It is important to make the correct diagnosis and choose the best treatment option. Did you know more than 20 per cent of potentially deadly melanomas are pale? Further information on the common skin cancers - basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma can be found at the British Association of Dermatologists public information section


The dermoscope could be considered a dermatologist's stethoscope. Use of this simple imaging device has proved an essential aid in diagnosing lesions especially in detecting early melanoma and distinguishing benign (non-cancerous) from malignant (cancerous) skin growths. One can recognise morphologic structures not visible by the naked eye, thus opening up a new submacroscopic morphological world, Argenziano 2009

Contact Information

I can see patients for a private consultation at the request of a GP or, directly without the need to see a GP, as a self-referral. I am recognised with all the major health insurance companies.

I am currently consulting at the following locations and times:

  • Dundee - Tayside Complete Health, 3 & 7 Commercial Street, Dundee, DD1 3DA - 1pm - 8pm Tuesdays Weeks 1,3 and 5 and Saturdays 9-12 Weeks 2 and 4 Request an appointment here or by telephoning: +44(0)1382 549 088 or email